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Create Schools is not funded by any government agencies. The majority of our funds are raised through donations, school fees, private and corporate sponsorships.

Tuition Information

Application Fee

An Application Fee is
payable with each
students application. 

Total Costs: € 50

Sign On Fee

This is required upon successful completion of the admissions process. This will secure your child's place at Create schools.


Total Costs: € 3000

Annual Tuition

Can be paid in two Installments or monthly. The standard annual fee for all year groups.

Total Costs: € 16,536

APPLICATION SHORTLISTED : If your application is shortlisted you and your child will be invited to an assessment session with our leadership team. Assessment Fee € 300 (+VAT)

Apply now!

Select 'Start Now' and provide the required information and let us know that you are interested in applying. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

Additional Financial Information

There may be additional fees associated with the school year. Costs will vary depending on the student's grade, academic assistance needed, and before and after school programs. Feel free to contact us with any questions or clarifications regarding the cost breakdown below.

Financial Assistance | Bursaries

We want to ensure that financial considerations do not deter any prospective student from applying to our school. We, therefore, offer a number of partial means-tested bursaries to qualifying pupils who would benefit from the educational programmes that we offer. Alongside a financial means test, the application will also be considered in light of what the student would be able to contribute to Create Schools – academically or otherwise. Tutzing receive priority.

To enquire regarding Bursaries please contact the School.

All financial aid applications are handled in the strictest confidence.

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