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At Create Schools we know the benefits of small class sizes

As an international school around Munich, Create Schools provides a multilingual education and internationally recognized qualifications. From the first grade up to Cambridge A-Levels, we cater to all students. Your child will flourish in our small classes where learning-by-doing, empathy and risk-taking are valued. Our greatest pride is building relationships with students, motivating them to learn, succeed and find their strengths and individuality. 

Why are small classes better?


Students are noticed. At Create Schools students receive the attention they require and deserve from their teachers.


Our Classes become a community. The fewer students in the class, the more opportunities to share ideas and perspectives are available to students.


At Create Schools we value and encourage feedback to ensure students can participate fully in their learning journey.


With the smaller classes Teachers are able to personalise their teaching to ensure all students are catered for and able to reach their full potential.

Student Achievement Awards

We at Create Schools provide our students with the opportunity to discover and pursue their talents, interests, and follow their curious minds. With pleasure, we partner with, and provide awards in recognition of excellence and achievement.

"As a 21-year-old, I still feel a part of the Create Schools community in my head. Create Schools inspire and promote talented people to pursue their true passions and dreams. CS taught me about self-awareness and its power. Thank you to Create Schools, I am now living in Portugal with my lovely wife and daughter, fulfilling my dream."

Student | Fabian Honhaiser 

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