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Foundation School

Our Foundation School provides students with a solid foundation for learning. The goal of learning is not only to acquire knowledge and facts, but also to be able to organize, reflect, and feel confident about one's abilities, all of which are essential for a person's future success academically.

Foundation at a Glance

As part of our Foundation School, bilingual-lessons are taught in English or German rotating on a weekly basis. Although our curriculum is based on the Bavarian school curriculum, we have enhanced it with a more modern, global outlook. Due to our bilingual approach, we are able to ensure that concepts are understood and vocabulary skills are strong in both languages


Grades 1-4 (combined classes: 1./2. and 3./4. grade)


From first grade, information- and communication technology is integrated into the curriculum

Class size

Class size is approximately 
12 students

school hours

Classes begins at 10 am and ends at 4 pm

Our Foundation School

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